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Hello! my name is Ryan Sally~ and this is my live journal! unfortunately not everyone thinks nor understands like me and i understand and respect them, but some people dont return the same to me~ so i've decided to friend lock ^___^ but here is a few things about me!

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is my hero- in so many ways! as an artist and as a person- i can go on and on, on how this man has really inspired my life, but in a nutshell- he was at a bad and low place but he accepted the mistakes he had made and the world around him, got up and made better of himself- it makes me realize, "yes. i can do this- even though im at a bad place, i can get to the top and become who i want to become." ROBERT DOWNEY JR is the STRENGTH to my efforts on becoming a BETTER ME.

THIS IS MY KID BROTHER, JOSH. though he's not cute and cuddly like the picture there- he's my kid brother, and he's my REASON and my WILL for becoming a BETTER ME- he too is my HERO- because me makes me WANT TO and GIVES ME REASON to become a BETTER ME.

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